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Video: The Great One!

Check out an amazing video from Jan Sorcik, who said about his work:

“Short highlight of what Jaroslav Kulhavy has done in last 3 years. Took some time to find the best moments and got a lot of problems when searching the footage (also the quality difference between the single clips) but hopefuly you will like it. Thanks to Jaroslav for everything what he has done!”


Jaroslav finished the Championship at the 13th position.

Jaroslav Kulhavy finished the 13th in the next race of the World Championship in Austrian Saalfelden and left the rainbow jersey for the Swiss Nino Schuter.

“It was difficult for me. I had a backache and I finished only because of many fans, who came from the Czech Republic. Three laps before the finish I thought I had finished. If the pain had got worse, I wouldn´t have ridden up the steepest hills. Fortunately I adjusted the saddle to relief the pain in the back. I speeded up in the last lap, but unfortunately it didn´t help. I had expected this a little bit. It was a combination of more factors”, said Jaroslav after the race adding that after the victory at the Olympic Games he didn´t have so much time for training due to other duties.

„The training was not ideal of course, as well as relaxing. Then I jumped into intensive training, which was shocking for my body. I have had a backache in two last days, it started in the fitness centre. The physiotherapists did their best to help me, but during the race when I rode at maximum, it started again. It was a combination of more factors, I don´t want to look for excuses. Simply: without a high quality training there are no good results”, said Jara.

Other silver medal from the Road Criterion

7th October 2012

Like several days ago in Rokycany, Jaroslav finished the second in Brno in the Road Criterion. In the finish of the Cofidis Cup, which was organized within the accompanying programme of the Bike Brno Fair at the Brno exhibition ground, he finished the second after Alois Kankovsky from Prague´s Dukla.

“Today I am surprised, I drove really well. I even enjoyed the race. I had expected a little bit opposite, because the last three days have been quite hard and demanding. I didn´t sleep much, there was quantity of events and practically no training. The race was perfect. The criterions do not fit me, but because it is the third or fourth one, I am starting getting on with it and riding the bends differently. But it was my last race of the season and there will be nothing of it. The second place is perfect”, said Jaroslav, who is finishing his successful Olympic season the next weekend in the Roc d´Azur in France.

Jaroslav has won the prestigious race in the Roc d´Azur

Roc d´Azur 12th October 2012

Briefly: Several minutes ago Jaroslav achieved a great success in the French Roc d´Azur in the race of the UCI MBT Marathon Series.

“I tore up the peloton three times then waited for Sauser and in two we arrived to the finish. I has won the last race of the season :-)….”, said Jaroslav Kulhavy immediately after the race.