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Victory at the end of the season

Just as he started the season, he has finished it. The victory at it is proper for the Olympic Champion. Jaroslav came to the finish of his last race of the season in French Frejus smiling and with hands over his head.

After 83 km he finished the marathon route of the festival Roc d´Azur before his colleague from the Specialized Racing team Christoph Sauser. „I must admit, I am a little bit surprised. I am tired after the season and the training was certainly not perfect after the Olympics, but still I was in a good condition”, said Jaroslav immediately after the race. “I am really happy finishing the season like this. I won the first race in Cyprus and the last here”.

The race was led by the German Jochen Kass, who even made a two minute lead.” I did not know he is in front of us. I was adjusting the saddle and lost a little bit and he left us in one of the long down-hills. Twenty kilometres to the finish I could see him in the distance and I was quite surprised. But we reached him quickly and he was zigzagging being jaded, so it was clear that the finish will be between me and Susi”, explained the Czech Champion. “I left Christoph in the sand on the beach, but then we joined again. I slogged off the last five kilometres and we came in two to the finish.

” It seems that Jaroslav with this triumph has broken the local bad luck. He has never come to the finish in Frejus so far, whether due to the technical problems or health, which betrayed him here last time. “The races here are extra technical. It was raining at night and the terrain was slippery at some places. I even slid a little at zero speed at one place…” pointed out the bloody elbow.

But Jaroslav doesn´t plan to warm up in the sun for long between Saint Tropez and Monte Carlo. He will drop the Sunday race of HC category and miss the far-famed party and return home due to other duties of the Olympic Champion.


1. Jaroslav Kulhavy (CZE, Specialized Racing) time 3:23:08 h.
2. Christoph Sauser (SUI, Specialized Racing) + 1 sec.
3. Jochen Kass (GER, Multivan Merida) + 59 sec.
4. Alban Lakata (AUT, Topeak Ergon) + 2:04 min.
5. Leonardo Paez (COL, AX Active Bianchi) + 3:21 min.

Jaroslav will undergo rhinoplasty

8th November 2012

Just one week before announcing the best Czech cyclists, the Gold Olympic Champion Jaroslav Kulhavy is changing his home. But we do not mean his new just finished house, but the hospital. He has moved from his native Usti nad Orlici to Motol Hospital in Prague. For the first time in his life he will have to lie down in a hospital bed and undergo a surgery. “I am waiting for rhinoplasty of nasal septum. It is probably the result of the accident from the last June, when I was crashed by the car,” said Kulhavy this morning when entering the hospital. “I had the problems with breathing, so after the surgery the nose could become smoother and I could breathe more easily. The problem appeared just before the Olympics. I used the stretching tapes on the nose, without them I couldn´t breathe. Because it has appeared this year I really can´t say if this is the result of the accident,” Jaroslav is recalling the accident when he was crashed by the car during the training on 16th June last year.

The surgery went well

12th November 2012

Jaroslav has been recovering from the rhinoplasty of nasal septum which he underwent at Dr Taudy Motol Hospital in Prague on Friday. Everything went smoothly and Jaroslav returned home to Usti nad Orlici on Sunday after three days in hospital bed.

“I am feeling pretty well. I had to leave out St. Martin´s traditional goose, because I am not able to eat too much, the nose is swollen, it hurts and I have a temperature. But it is turning to better,” describes his current state Jaroslav. Till Thursday he will have the plastic plates in the nose, but according to him breathing is noticeably better than before the surgery.

Jaroslav´s next programme is the meeting with Prague´s Mayor Bohuslav Sobotka on Thursday and the ceremony of the “King of Biking 2012” in the Hybernia Theatre.