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JK visits Specialized HQ

18th April 2013

Jaroslav Kulhavý a Michal Prokop na návštěvě ve SpecializedAlthough it took him some time, but finally he could come as the Olympic winner. Jaroslav Kulhavy visited the seat of the Morgan Hill Company in California, USA for the first time after signing the agreement with the Specialized Team in September 2010.

During three days of a busy schedule he managed to meet the company owner Mike Sinyard, engineers who produce the items with capital “S”, look around the building including the museum and took part in the everyday Lunch Ride and in the team photo shooting.

“I met Mike at the welcome meeting in our new team truck. We were mainly talking about the Cape Epic. He was excited about what we, together with Christoph, presented during the race”, says about the friendly meeting with a man who founded Specialized in 1974.
Jaroslav Kulhavý v muzeu Specialized “It is obvious that it works. Many competent people work here, everything is done efficiently and without a sign of stress. It even looks as if it is going on its own, but it´s evident, that these people spend very much time here, from morning till evening. They perfectly understand their work and it is reflected on the final product. They all actively ride the bike, use it and think about it. Bike and biking is their hobby. The original idea of the company has been still working and that´s why the company is still on the top”, explained Jaroslav after he got acquainted with the running of the building in Morgan Hill. He himself also takes an active part in development of some products.

“It is great that we, riders have the chance to be here and can tell the developers something about our feelings and knowledge from the view of top athletes. And it´s also great that they really works with the feedback we are giving them. It is not like with some other brands, that you get some products, which you simply have to wear during the races and trainings, promote them, even though they do not suit you at all…”
Jára v testovací laboratořiDuring the showing off Jara visited all the areas of the company. Starting with the own museum of the mountain bikes, through the workplace of the developers and designers, testing laboratories, product managers and finishing in the marketing department.

“Overall it was interesting very much. I was attracted especially by the first prototypes of the bikes which are to be produced and we could see them here. The engineers have them on the desks and you can see how they are physically working with them, thinking of and improving them. You can see that contact and that´s really important.”

In the camp there are, in addition to cross country Racing Team, a number of top riders from gravity disciplines such as the World Cup Downhill winner Aaron Gwin, Freeride star Darren Berrecloth, Freestyler Martin Soderstrom or former World Champion in Fourcross Michal Prokop.

Jaroslav with his team has moved from Morgan Hill to Monterey, where is the biggest bike festival in the United States.

“I haven´t been on the bike for a couple of last days because of the busy schedule, so I do not expect any results. Rather I want to start after the health break, because it is high time to start doing something. If I were successful in one race it would be great, after all it is the biggest race in America…” adds Jaroslav, who is starting at Friday´s short track, Saturday´s cross country and Sunday´s Gran-Fondo.


Jara is returning back on the bike after the health break


Jaroslav Kulhavý po pádu v závěrečné etapě Cape EpicuAfter the one-week break in training the Olympic Champion is returning to daily training. The training intermission was caused by the nasty injury due to the fall during the final stage of the Cape Epic.

“Jara injured his shoulder and caused large grazes during the last stage in the Cape Epic, when he wound the wire on the wheel in one of the vineyards through which the last stage of the race lead. Immediately after arriving to Prague, Jara visited our doctors, prof. MD. Jan Stulik, CSc. and MD. Jan Kryl who excluded a fracture, but found a very serious contusion of the ligaments and of the shoulder muscle girdle,” explains the health problems his trainer Viktor Zapletal adding, “another health nuisance followed on Thursday, when Jara underwent the planned dental surgery in the Prague´s Institute of Clinical and Experimental Stomatology, where his two eighths, causing many problems during training and racing, were removed.”

Unless there is no health complication, Jaroslav Kulhavy should gradually return to training since Tuesday. Jara has been enrolled in the opening road race of the Czech Cup Brno-Velka Bites-Brno at the on-coming weekend. He should start in the MTB team together with other successful representatives –Jirka Novak, Ondrej Cink and Paralympic winner Jirka Jezek. Jara´s participation in the race is to be decided on Friday, according to his actual health state.