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JK visits Specialized HQ

Jaroslav Kulhavý a Michal Prokop na návštěvě ve Specialized

18th April 2013 Although it took him some time, but finally he could come as the Olympic winner. Jaroslav Kulhavy visited the seat of the Morgan Hill Company in California, USA for the first time after signing the agreement with the Specialized Team in September 2010. During three days of a busy schedule he managed to meet ...

Jara is returning back on the bike after the health break

Jaroslav Kulhavý po pádu v závěrečné etapě Cape Epicu

1/4/2013 After the one-week break in training the Olympic Champion is returning to daily training. The training intermission was caused by the nasty injury due to the fall during the final stage of the Cape Epic. “Jara injured his shoulder and caused large grazes during the last stage in the Cape Epic, when he wound the wire ...