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Bad Luck on home soil in Nove Mesto

How did the fall happen?
Maybe I ripped out the foot from the pedal too early and while trying to correct it, I lost the concentration. I hit a rock and I fell down, I even don´t know how.

What happened to you?
I fell badly on my knee and hand. I was hardly picking up. If I hadn´t driven in my home country I would have finished. I skinned off both my knees and I felt painful twitching under bigger load. I didn´t realize the scrapes. It was hardly for finishing, when I started to feel my leg. I am glad I didn´t fall again and arrived to the finish.

Are you disappointed?
It´s a mixture of pain, anger and sadness. But nothing can be done. Now it´s important to be well, to have no problems with the knee. I am going for the medical examination to be sure, that there is nothing wrong with it and I can start training. I hope to forget this day quickly.

Do you take it that you were unlucky in Nove Mesto?
I was unlucky last year when I lost the victory close to the finish and I ended up as the second. Today it wasn´t about bad luck so much, I fell down because of my mistake. I can do nothing about it, it was my fault. A week ago at the first World Cup race in Albstad all the favourites fell out because of many reasons and it was only me, who was in the top ten. Now it has turned. Unfortunately at home, but there´s nothing I can do about it. I have to focus on the next races.

Wasn´t it very demotivating for the Olympic Champion, to ride in the back?
I knew right after the fall that I had lost the chance for winning. I needed quite long to put myself together. The people were great and I felt debt to them. There were a lot of my fans and I didn´t want to disappoint them. I wouldn´t have finished without them.

Did you have a crisis at the beginning?
Only some back pain in one downhill, so I slowed down to relieve the pain. But I could see the other riders and the legs were good. I knew that the race had been long and I wanted to save something for the finish, instead of fooling around at the beginning. Maybe it wasn´t for the winning but I didn´t feel bad.

What can help you now?
Mainly peace and little rest after two months. I should ride the Pragues´s stairs on Tuesday. I hope to be well and be at the start. I could overcome it in two weeks.

Ondrej Cink replaced you in the race. Were you surprised?
He drove a perfect result. He was at home, he knows the terrain and I am glad that he replaced me, when the race ended for me after the fall. Finally we are two on the top and it´s positive.