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34th place in Vallnord World Cup …

The fourth race of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Vallnord, Andorra didn’t work at all to Jaroslav´s liking. In his own words, for some unknown reasons he couldn´t ride more than at 80% of his performance and he finished as 34th. He can´t remember such an unsuccessful race in the last five years.

“There´s something wrong in my body and we need to find out the reason as soon as possible. I hope to race again at 100% soon,” said disappointed Jaroslav after the race where he had been supported by a large number of Spanish fans.

“In this week Jaro will attend the doctors to make a complete analysis. He is able to ride one round and then he is down, though everything looks well in the training. He has felt week for more than a week,” added his coach Viktor Zapletal. In spite of his today´s failure Jaroslav is at the 6th place in the overall World Cup rating and with two races till the end he still has a chance to be finally at the podium.

Marathon World Champs didn’t fit to Jaro

29th June 2013

Jaroslav Kulhavý na MS v maratonu 2013 v KirchberguThe Olympic Champion Jaroslav Kulhavy tried to succeed on the long bike marathon track at the World Marathon Championship in Austrian Kirchberg and add another success to the silver medal from the World Marathon Championship two years ago. But this time he didn´t finish the 94km race with the extreme elevation of 4,400 meters.

“I knew in advance that that the track would not fits me but I just wanted to try it. It was the race full of long asphalt and gravel climbs, where I was losing. Except the last downhill, there were no technical parts where I could catch up the head of the race, so I decided to give up in the second hill. There was no sense to continue. I could not be the best and even if I had done my best, I would not have been in top five,” admitted Jaroslav after the race and went to cheer for his team partner from the Specialized Racing Christoph Sauser, who finally pushed the race to a victorious end and became the World Champion.