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Feeling little bit better in Mont Sainte Anne …

Jaroslav Kulhavý s Nino Schurterem na čele závodu SP v KanaděThe Mountain Bike World Cup in the Cross Country continued with the fifth race in Canadian Mont Sainte Anne. Jaroslav has nice memories of this technically challenging track, where he won the World Cup Silver in 2010 and World Cup race one year after. He started the race well and he got ahead in the first of seven circuits. After the second round the effects of the training error, which he has been trying to remove in the last two weeks, became evident and Jaroslav finally crossed the line as the sixteenth with the loss of four minutes on the winning French Absalon.

“The first round was perfect, I was riding perfectly at ease, we flew up the hill and together with Schurter we were leaving the others behind. And the second round went also well. There was the strength and I could think about the winning in this way. But I couldn´t keep this intensity for long and I had to slow down to the anaerobic threshold, because when I started to ride a little over I was not able to keep the pace of the others. But I felt a little bit better than in Andorra. The shift to better is obvious, but I can´t expect miracles after 14 days. Of course I am not satisfied with the 16th place but not unhappy on the other hand. There´s still much work to do to get back on the level where I had been,” said Jara after the race today, three weeks before the World Championship where he would like to be in his Olympic form again.


JK after complete medical examination continues in preparation

The Olympic Champion Jaroslav Kulhavy underwent complete medical and exercise tests with the head doctor ASC Dukla Praha Mudr. Borivoj Gronych and ing. Jiri Novotny.

The reasons for the examination were Jara´s objective difficulties in recent races, especially when changing for the higher pulse frequencies.

The examination excluded overtraining and possible infection or another disease, but confirmed lower performance under the higher heart rate load. This situation is directly related to almost month training dropout this spring caused by the injury at the Cape Epic and post-surgery complications.

Subsequently modified, long and very difficult training could not accept all the important elements of preparation. An error has occurred, which resulted in the cause of current problems. Jaroslav has well above endurance and power parameters, even better than in the Olympic year.

All preparation will be focused on removing diagnosed problems and will be aimed at the World Championship in Pietermaritsburg.
Jaroslav Kulhavy and the entire realization team would like to thank the fans for their interest and support they have shown in recent days.