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Back again in the UCI top three

Jaroslav Kulhavý vyhrává závod světového poháru v HafjelluAfter a good finish of the season Jaroslav Kulhavy is back again in the TOP3 of the UCI Ranking. The fifth place at the World Championship and mainly the victory in the final race of the World Cup in Norway pushed him from the fourth place among the top three best world bikers, following the World Champion Nino Schurter and French Julien Absalon.

“Of course I am glad for that. It shows that this season, except the hesitation in July and August, could not have been so bad, as it had been claimed,” said Jaroslav.

UCI Ranking (by 24th September 2013)
1. Nino Schurter – 2075 pts.
2. Julien Absalon – 1490 pts.
3. Jaroslav Kulhavý – 1356 pts.