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Jaroslav treats his knee injury and rides the handbike

At least 14 days needed before the Olympic winner Jaroslav Kulhavy, who has been recovering after the fractured kneecap, will be able to pass the first training load. However after 15 days of post-injury recovery Jara daily undergoes a modified training model, which should help him to keep the healthy parts of the body in an adequate condition. In addition to a wide range of fitness exercises focusing on the upper body he tries to keep the unaffected leg in motion on the trainer and he uses the hand-bike for endurance load.

“Of course I try to have exercises at least an hour per day and to load a little the healthy leg. I also ride the hand-bike, which is great because I can get out. However this break is very annoying. Two months of quality training have been lost and I will have to start from the zero. It will take several months to reach my racing weight and to deal with all the disbalances. Even so I believe that I could be ready for the Marathon World Championship”, says Jaroslav.

Answering the question when he might enter the season he says “I would like to participate in the first race of the World Cup. It is too early to say whether this idea is feasible. If I manage so I will try to be in the Top 50 and to pick up a few points because of the starting position in the next races”, states Czech most successful biker and adds, “I would like to thank all my partners that immediately offered me an important advice and help for faster recovery”.

Jaroslav Kulhavy is the patron of physically handicapped cyclists for many years. When Jara expressed his wish to include hand-bike riding into his training programme, Tomas Pouch, the chairman of the handicapped cyclists club Black Horses didn´t waste time and offered him a new machine.

Jaroslav uses the Swiss electro-stimulator Complex to speed up rehabilitation of poorly healing injury. An integral part of the treatment, are also proven tablets Flexit Gelacoll made by Nutrend.

Jaroslav Kulhavy has a broken kneecap

The unpleasant accident happened to the Olympic champion Jaroslav Kulhavy on Sunday when he fell down on the icy terrain. The physicians´ diagnosis is – the fracture of the kneecap.

The extent of the injury is such that it is certain that Jaroslav´s planned start in the 2014 season will have to be postponed. The treatment requires at least four weeks´ fixation of the knee joint followed by two weeks´ rehabilitation without any exercise.

„It was such an innocent slip on the ice plate“, describes Jaroslav the course of the injury and adds, „but the down fall was too hard and the knee didn´t withstand. It´s infuriating, after years, my winter training was perfect and without problems. And now I have a few difficult weeks in front of me. I believe that I will handle everything and I will be soon ready to race at 100%. At this moment we are not able to say when it will be. Anyway I should be fit and participate in the World Championship in marathon and cross country”.

„It´s of course unfortunate, the more so because Jaroslav has passed so far training in an excellent manner and after the December and January training camp in Mallorca he was in perfect condition. However I think that Jaroslav will be able to get ready for the most important races of the season despite this unpleasant and painful injury. But it is not possible to say the same in the context of the opening races of the World Cup. We hope that Jaroslav will soon start with the modified training programme that will help to keep him in the appropriate condition“ adds the coach Viktor Zapletal.