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Jaroslav has finally started racing season

Jaroslav Kulhavý po zranění poprvé závodil

30th March 2014


Jaroslav Kulhavy has finally entered this year mountain bike season. He finished the C1 category race in Langenlois, Austria in the ninth palace, which apparently exceeded his expectations.

“I was expecting it to be worse. It wasn´t feel good enough in the climbs but this track is pretty heavy. Considering that I was not training properly for six weeks and did nearly nothing for four weeks, this is a good result, I think,” said Jaroslav after his first this year race. Furthermore if there was not the front wheel puncture in the penultimate lap, the placing could have been in the top five.

“I was getting better towards the end and the last two laps I was quite fast. I did not want to ride hard and fight for any position, mainly because I still train, but I hope that my performance will considerably go up now. The World Cup in Africa will show how it really is,” says Jaroslav.

The cured right patella in the knee, which Jaroslav broke after the fall in early February didn´t limit him in any way. “I was more limited by the overall physical condition. My leg is quite good and I try to level it to the healthy one. Some three weeks ago it was perhaps one third smaller, but I trained with half a kilo weight, which is visible now. I haven’t had such a long break without a bike in my career but I think it looks good and maybe it could even help me in the second half of the season,” he added.

Jaroslav begins with rehabilitation

3rd March 2014

The state of Jaroslav Kulhavy´s injury allows him to put aside the immobilizer. Jaroslav will start in the next 10 days with the intensive rehabilitation, which should loosen up the knee fixed for a month.

Jara trains for several hours every day – he rides the hand-bike in order to put the body into specific heart rate, he strengthens the whole body and also rides the bike, using only one leg.

Using both legs is planned after 14th February, when Jara should start with the classical cycling training adapted to the situation with the gradually rising burden and focused on revitalization of the atrophied muscles of the left right leg.

It is assumed that Jara could be in a full training at the beginning of April.