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Broken rib – a souvenir from Australia

30th April 2014

Jaroslav has brought unpleasant souvenir from World Cup race in Cairns, Australia. As immediately after he finished race he was little complaining of tingling in the ribs. “I drove into big hole in one fast corner, which I did not know and it took me down quickly…” described his fall.

Today a member of Specialized Racing Team went for x-ray control which confirmed that the ninth rib is broken. Fortunately this another health problem will not affect Jaroslavs program for upcoming days.

“It’s nothing serious, just a little sore. I want to do all trainings and races as they are already on my schedule. I’ve also had an ultrasound test due to the spleen and there everything is fine. So tomorrow I’m going to Trentino, Lago di Garda. I’m looking forward to riding there, take a small rest and also for Garda Bike marathon on saturday. “said Jaroslav.

First victory of 2014 season

20th April 2014

The first victory of the season Jaroslav could tick off yesterday after winning the first race of Czech National MTB Cup in Teplice.

Jaro’s health problems have finally gone and he is getting slowly into a good shape. On the fast course he decied about his victory during the last lap.

“I just kept my pace, and was in the front group from the begining but I didnt feel extra good, I have to say. So I simply did not try anything in the race, the pace suit me how it went,”said after the race.

“I believed into myself because during the race I was setting the tempo for most of the time. I made an attack in last lap and quit from Polish Marek Konwa,” he added to UCI C1 category race. Jaroslav won race of National series after nearly 4 years – his last win was from 2010 season.Specialized Racing team member will move to Cairns, Australia on monday for the second race of UCI Mountain Bike World Cup.

Men Elite:

1. Jaroslav Kulhavý (Specialized Racing ) 1:41:09
2. Jan Nesvadba (Superior Rubena Team) +0:05
3. Marek Konwa (POL, Superior MTB Team) +0:20
4. Pavel Boudný (Česká spořitelna – Specialized) +0:20
5. Jiří Novák ( Superior MTB Team) +0:58

No first World Cup for Jaroslav

7th April 2014


Jaroslav Kulhavy has to change his plans at last minute. The member of the Specialized Racing team should have left for his first race of the MTB World Cup in the Republic of South Africa today. Instead he lies in bed at home. The Olympic winner fell ill with flu after the Saturday´s pre-road race Brno-Velka Bites-Brno.

“Already after riding off Bites I was not feeling well, I was cold. On Sunday fewer and intestinal problems started. So I decided, after consulting it with the team, to skip the first World Cup race in Pietermaritzburg. Together with the current condition which I have after a long training break, it wouldn’t be probably a good race. Now I feel a little bit better, but I don’t want to fly in this health condition to Africa,” explains Jaroslav going for the blood tests. The World Cup will start for him in 14 days in Australian Cairns.

On Saturday Jaroslav finished the Czech road classic Brno-Velka Bites-Brno in the main group of riders, when the final spurt decided about the winner.
“It was a bit of a shock for me, because I was not sitting on the road bike quite long time. My performance wasn’t so good in this race. At the end, in the downhill I didn’t manage to be in the front, I lacked the strength and perhaps flu was starting,” added Jaroslav to the 138km long race.