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World Cup final race in Méribel: DNF



“I had a bad day today. I felt like I was driving with the handbrake on. I think it will break, but the thing is when…” said sad Jaroslav after he abadoned World Cup final race in Méribel, France. After good start he was sitting around 10th place in first lap, but in second lap he started to suffer and lose significantly, so he decided to give up.

“I didn’t feel very well during the whole week, so I give it a try, but It doesnt make sense for me to continue in the race. Now I have to figure out what happened, if it was because of the altitude at which I’ve never rode well, or was it something else. But today it was extreme blow out. It’s not good for my psyche, but It was worse. It’s still two weeks to the World Championship, so I don’t give up this.” said Jaro.

JK: I’m feeling good before the last big races of the season


After winning the Marathon World Champion and Czech National titles, Jaroslav Kulhavy focuses to the last major races of this season. He is in final preparation for the World Cup finals in Méribel, France and especially for the XCO World Championship in Hafjell, Norway, where he would certainly like to build on last year’s victory. And also thinks about his future because of the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016 …


It’s two years since your triumph in London, do you still feel some success and reverberation or are you already rather focused to Rio?
“Some aftermath are still going, of course, but it fade away. I have more time now. Now it’s a peaceful time which will slowly escalate again before next Games. Calm before the storm :). The season 2016 is going to be very challenging, because of the World Champs on home soil in Nove Mesto and then Rio. I want to enjoy that year and I’ve already started to think about that because I want to prepare myself as well as I did for London. Everything has to be perfect when you want to succeed”

Your contract with Specialized expires by the end of this season. How is your future looking?
“We are trying to solve it with my manager Zdenek Löffelman. My season, especially the XCO racing, was not good because of injuries, mechanicals, etc., so I want to prepare for the remaining races perfectly and than I couldn’t deal with my future too much and will still have good contidions. I got some offers from other teams already and of course there is also a option to continue with Specialized Racing.
Regarding to the roadcycling, till the Olympics I’ll take it as a training only. If, however, it was a chance to get to the big races like Nino Schurter had, I would appreciate it! Everything is about the team and I hope I will have a chance for this after Rio.”

How’s your current shape?
“I’m feeling good, I was bit tired after racing and travelling in America, but now I’m fine. Even in Mont Sainte Anne and Windham I felt pretty good. If I had finished the first race as I usually do, I’d fight for the third place, because usually I end races better and I’m doing last laps faster. But in Canada, instead of going to a third place, where I was during the race, I lost the podium in last lap… 
But I feel I have a chance and can work on it, it’s just about to tune the shape little bit more.
Well, and Windham, there I completely lost race after the start … ”

How do you prepare for the World Cup finals in France Méribel?
“I take Méribel World Cup as final preparation before the World Champs, but it’s also World Cup final race so I will do my best, for sure! Also because I need points to have a better start position. As shown in Albstadt and Windham, start from the third row is not easy, and easily you can t pay there for the mistakes of someone else in front of you. And when you loose too much right after the start, it’s hard to finde a motivation when it’s almost impossible to get back in Top20. 
Méribel is at a bit higher altitude, so I would like to collect some data towards the next World Championship in Andorra. I’m not used to race at this altitude level and I do not have much experience with it. In similar conditions in Val d’Isere or Andorra I failed. Local 1600 altitude meters are not so high, but I’ve arrived on Monday rather. “

What are your first impressions of the new World Cup destination?
“The course looks quite good – it’s going around the skislopes, it’s technical, but with no extreme parts. It’s bit slippery after the rains, but I hope it will dries out. “

Disapointment in Windham World Cup

With big disappointment finished World Cup race in Windham, USA for Jaroslav Kulhavy. On the course, where he won twice in the past, this one ended up in 36th place. His race was unfortunately significantly influenced right after the start, even after good results he had a little bit better starting position.

“Just one hundred meters after the start someone hit me off. I could start thinking that someone maybe is doing it on purpose … ” shake his head Jaro, who dropped somewhere to 70th place immidiately after that incident.
“Than for a minute I stood there in the woods and just watched until the whole field runs. In the second round I rode as faster as I could, but getting back to the front was simply too much for me…” added Specialized Racing team member. After returning to the Czech Republic he will continue his preparation for World Championship in beggining of September, which will be the highlight of the season.


Finished 6th in World Cup – Mont Sainte Anne

For the first time this season, Jaroslav could stand on the podium in the UCI World Cup race. In a dramatic race in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada, he finished sixth, six seconds off the podium. He wasn’t happy about that, but it’s another step to get back to the top.

“I’ ve missed the rhythm. My performance was relatively good, but the result wasn’t,” concluded Jaro the fifth round of the UCI World Cup. During the race he was sitting on 3rd spot behind leading duo Schurter – Absalon.

“I had a good start, I had to prepare for it, because I started from the third row. I’m sorry that I lost the podium, we’ve sprinted up to the last hill with Fluckiger, but he left me there and in the last downhill I wasn’t able to get back to the fifth spot, ” said Jaro.On Monday he moved with the Specialized Racing team to Windham, USA where the World Cup series will continue. “Next week in Windham it should be better, whether tracks, which suits me more, but mainly I should be more used up to the race pace, because my race speed is still missing,” said Czech champion.
1. Nino Schurter (Scott Odlo) 1:38:15
2. Julien Absalon (BMC Racing) +0:16
3. Daniel McConnell (Trek Factory) +1:27
4. Lukas Flückinger (BMC Racing) +1:49
5. Mathias Flückinger (Stöckli Pro Team) +2:00
6. Jaroslav Kulhavý (Specialized Racing) +2:06