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Jaroslav ends 2014 without health complications and in an optimal condition



All of this year’s health troubles have been gradually cured and the Olympic Champion and the Marathon World Champion Jaroslav Kulhavy is quickly achieving the corresponding condition. It has been confirmed by the performance tests and examinations which Jara passed in the laboratory of MSc. Jiri Novotny shortly after his return from the first training camp on the Gran Canaria. The autumn series of medical examinations revealed the cause of breathing difficulties under higher load which Jaroslav Kulhavy complained about during the season. The diagnosis is Bronchial Asthma and this state should be compensated by the appropriate medication that Jara has already started to take.

“Yes, I can confirm really good results of Jara´s performance tests and I am very happy, because Jara is exactly in such a condition that we planned to be. I am not going to give the details about the test, but I can briefly affirm an exceptional aerobic performance, perfect regeneration, reserves in the ANP. We also plan to “replace” a little Jara’s body composition, we need to reduce the percentage of muscles in the hands and vice versa to improve the muscle mass of torso and legs, ” explains the results of the load examination his coach Viktor Zapletal.

Jaroslav will train at home in Usti nad Orlici until mid of January and then he will leave for the next two-week training camp in Mallorca probably on January 15th. Jaro will participate in his first race at the end of February in Cyprus, where he will attend the traditional Sunshine Cup as preparation for one of the tops of the season 2015, the famous ABSA Cape Epic stage race.


Jaroslav is leaving for common training with Jiří Ježek

One part of Viktor Zapletal´s training group is leaving for the first training camp before the 2015 season and the group has a very interesting composition. In this camp on the Gran Canaria will participate the six-time Paralympic winner Jiri Jezek and the Olympic winner Jaroslav Kulhavy, who will be joined by the gold medallist of this year Junior Olympic Games in Nanjing and the leading female of junior world ranking, talented Barbora Prudkova.

According to the words of their coach Viktor Zapletal, the training of the whole group will be taken as the volume one, when all the members will pass a large portion of training kilometres. Jaroslav Kulhavy has almost treated all his this-year health complications, which greatly influenced his racing season and is in a full training without limitations. But Jiri Jezek who has been still recovering from the consequences of his complicated injury in September at the World Championship, takes the training as the next returning step into race cycling. The essential for Jiri is how much he is able to cope with the permanent outcomes of his serious injury under the load.

This year revelation of Czech cycling Barbora Prudkova will be accompanied by another group member – her younger talented brother Matej. The training with stars of world cycling will be for her a great and invaluable experience. Last year Barbora was more focused on downhill skiing and this year autumn and winter purely cycling training is a new kind of training experience for her.