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The Victory in the opening race of the Czech MTB Cup


Jaroslav won the opening race of the Czech MTB Cup XCO, UCI C1 in Teplice. On the fast track he took the lead in the first lap, and rode alone the whole race on the front and came into finish with the 21sec. lead.

“Compared with the last year it was a bit tighter victory, I went on my own the whole race, so it was harder, because it was a fast hook race. The guys behind were probably better, because they could cooperate. But I felt well today and controlled the race,” said Jara after the race.

But the controlled race turned to more dramatic in the penultimate lap. “I had to stop and tighten the axle of the front wheel. The other guys got me but nobody knew what was going on. At least it became a little bit more dramatic :). In that moment Kristian certainly felt his chance for winning, but I had the tool with me and I didn´t lose much. Then I had everything under control,” added Jaroslav after the first victory in the new jersey of the Specialized Racing Team in the colours of the Czech Champion.

And how does Jaroslav see his current shape?
“You must wait till the race in Nove Mesto. It´ll be my first real start and I am focusing my training to this event. But everything goes according to the plan. So far I really do not know how I am, in comparison with the world top riders, who are now racing somewhere else. I should do three more races till Nove Mesto to get in the optimal shape.”

Results Men Elite:
1. Jaroslav Kulhavy (Specialized Racing XC) 1:37:08 h
2. Kristian Hynek (Topeak Ergon) +0:21
3. Bartlomiej Wawak (POL, Kross Racing) +0:32


Winning weekend in Croatia


The race in Croatian Premantura I have included in my preparation training for the first time. I´ve heard and thought about it, but I have never taken part in it. On Saturday I rode the classical XCO included in the UCI C1 category. There were many defects so I better rode for sure. The Sunday´s Marathon was a part of the Croation Marathon Cup and offered marvellous trails along the sea.

Both races were a part of my current training. After I passed four-day riding block, I won twice and gained two UCI points, which I was missing after the last year injury and I will much need them for the Olympic nomination.

This week I am participating at the race of the XCO Czech Cup in Teplice and the next week there is the opening race of the serial Bike for Life in Brdy. I haven´t still decided if I´ll participate, but for sure I will attend this event tin Dobrichovice.


The road classic from Bites to Brno and back

Velká Bíteš - Brno - Velká Bíteš (foto: Jaroslav Svoboda /


The road classic Velka Bites-Brno-Velka Bites, was the next traditional preparatory 166km long race for Jaroslav.

“It was quite dangerous from the start, the riders in the pack were pretty nervous, there were many falls, so I had to be very careful and attentive, and after all it should have been primarily training for me. In the hills I was trying to ride up,” said Jara, who was after the first and second place again the first, winning the hill bonuses.

“In the final three circuits the group of 25 riders, together with me and Pavel Boudny, was at the front. Three riders later left and then it was all about tactics. Nobody, except me and Bouda, wanted to go ahead. But overall I had a good feeling of the race,” added Jaroslav after finishing the race in the 15th place with one minute lost on the winning Jiri Polesny. Jaroslav awaits the next training start next week in Croatian Pula.