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Jaroslav is back on the bike, but has to skip Cairns World Cup

18th April 2016

After 37 days Jaroslav finally can hold handlebars of his bike. It seems that a double fracture of his left wrist after surgery and five weeks of rest healed up and the cast was removed. Biker can re-start training and launched Olympic season after this brake. But the opening race of the UCI XCO World Cup in Cairns, Australia, has to be skipped.

“After my cast was taken off last week, I can hold the handlebars relatively well. So far, it hurts a little, but I hope It will be good soon, but it’s still definitely enough good to ride in rough terrain. It hurts even on a broken road, so the first World Cup is no question for me,”says Jaroslav, who had tried to ride on a modified bike in last ten days with cast, but as optimal workout it was still far away from.

“In the next three weeks I should not burden the hand too much, I have to be careful. I will do some rehabilitation and will try to ride some races with smooth courses as soon as possible to ride even the uphill parts. Maybe also on the road or some easy mountain bike races. I expect to start in some propper XCO races probably in May,” explains his next steps. Jaroslav could start already this weekend at Lety near Prague, where starts the largest mountain bike marathon series Kolo pro život.
“I will be in Brdy like last year, but I’m still not sure If I will start or not. Maybe I will do only the first long climb to check how my body works after that brake,” Jaro says.