5th place at World Champs

Jaroslav Kulhavy had wished to finish in the top ten at the World Cup in South Africa, Pietermaritzburg and his dream has been fulfilled. He himself even didn´t know what to expect after several unsuccessful weeks. Therefore he is satisfied with his fifth place on one hand. But he knew that if it weren´t for his two falls and failed start he could have finished the seven-circuit race with the medal…

“My first fall was just after the start in the drive to the single and the second happened in the rock garden. I stroke into Miguel Martinez, who absurdly crossed the way and what´s more he was incredibly slow, I knocked and we both fell down. It was a bit my fault. I bent the handlebars and the derailleur. I was recovering for a while, than I had to mend it and try to reach the front riders. Which I managed finally and finished the fifth. Therefore I am satisfied with the performance.”

But he is not satisfied with the result. He felt good and was thinking about the medal. “In the view of the race I am not satisfied, I suppose I could have done more and it´s a pity. But I am happy to come back to the form which I had two months ago,” said Jara, who is now expecting the final race of the World Cup in Norwegian Hafjell, where he wants to finish his post-Olympic season with the best possible result.