Crashed hard in Albstadt

1st June 2014

Even in another UCI World Cup race in Albstadt, Jaroslav failed to break out of luck. This time he paid painfully for his mistake on fast course.

“After the start, it stuck and we had to run. It was not possible to overtake in first two laps. Up on the third lap I started to move forward, “shaking his head over the narrow trails Jaroslav.

He was riding around 25th place, but in the fourth round he crashed hard on his right knee, that’s where the kneecap was broken at the beginning of this season.

“In fast but smooth corner my front wheel slipped very quickly. I don’t even know why, it was so quick and unexpected that I missed nothing at all to do and I went down to knee, shoulder and head. It was a senseless crash, “shaking his head Jaroslav, who then sat down again on the bike and finished the race at least on the 87th spot.

“Shoulder is sore only, but I’m bit scared about the knee. It started swell, but I hope it will not be broken again”.

Right after the race Jaroslav went to Prague for hospital check.