Cyprus Sunshine Cup starts the olympic mountain bike season

23rd February 2016

As in past seasons, also this year’s olympic season will be kicked off in Cyprus. Mediterranean island traditionally offers excellent conditions for training and quality Sunshine Cup races with good competition and the possibility of getting a decent amount of points. That’s why Jaroslav comes here every year.

“This year I am going to race both races of Sunshine Cup and I hope that I will race a little bit better than last year, when I couldn’t hit the pace in first two days due to breathing problem and was nearly defeated by the girls … :),” Jaro says before departure.

“The final result of these first races is not so important at the end, but it will be a good test of my condition after winter preparation and show what to improve in upcoming weeks. I got informations that in Cyprus will be very good competition again, which is good for comparation. It would be good to get there some UCI points so we can consolidate a position of the Czech Republic in UCI rankings before the final national nominations for the Olympics. The fact that at Sunshine Cup will start also Ondřej Cink and Jan Škarnitzl, we have the good chances, ” he explains.

Cyprus Sunshine Cup consists of a four-day race Afxentia on February 25th to 28th, and then the classic XC race the weekend after.