“Home” World Cup Nové Město – DNF.

26th May 2014

Disappointment and anger, that was the end of one of the season´s peak of Jaroslav Kulhavy. He didn´t finish the home race of the MTB World Cup in Nove Mesto na Morave. In the roaring Vysocina Arena he was riding around the third place behind the leader Nino Schurter, but then the technical problems came. First flat tire and after replacing the rear wheel, the problems with the chain….

“I don´t know what to say. I started quite well, Nino rode up just in the starting lap, but I was getting closer to them up to 12 seconds. But then the defect came and that meant practically the end of the race for me. After replacing the wheel in the tech zone I fell somewhere to the twentieth place. I was trying hard but then other problems appeared and then I was blocked by my head. I wasn´t able to get back to the front again. But the main reason of my failure was the flat tire in the second lap, which could have been my fault. I´m sorry that I was not successful here, in addition when I felt well,” said after cooling down visibly disappointed Jaroslav, who was encouraged by thousands of spectators along the track. “The atmosphere was incredible again. It can be compared perhaps only with the Olympic race in London,” he added thanking his fans and organizers.