Improved end of the season in France

Jaroslav put a definite full-stop after the season with the bronze medal, which he won at Sunday´s 56 km race, closing the Roc d´Azur festival.

Jara started the race basically with no expectations because he considered the Friday´s marathon, where he finished the second, to be the last of the season. Finally he again finished on the podium in spite the fact that he enjoyed the race very much, proving it in the famous uprise Col de Bougnon, which Jaroslav rode on the back wheel.

A good feeling from the last race was spoiled a little by the organizers, who send on the same track of the last 15 km before the finish, the race of hobby triathlon racers, which caused much confusion and many dangerous situations especially in the narrow parts of the track. The race was won by the Olympic gold medallist of 2000 Miguel Martinez.

Results – Roc d’Azur 56 Km:
1. Miguel Martinez (FRA, FRM Factory Racing) time 2:14:59 h.
2. Moritz Milatz (GER, BMC Mountainbike Racing) + 1 sec.
3. Jaroslav Kulhavy (CZE, Specialized Racing) + 1:47 min.
4. Hannes Genze (GER, Centurion Vaude) + 2:32 min.
5. Christoph Sauser (SUI, Specialized Racing) + 2:32 min.