Jaroslav won World Cup final!

Jaroslav Kulhavý vyhrává závod světového poháru v Hafjellu“Finally,” breathed Jaroslav, when he finished his not very much successful post olympic season in Norwegian Hafjell, winning the final race of the World Cup Cross Country.

“I knew that my condition was good but I wanted to ride tactically. It could have been a big risk to go at full from the beginning and I did not want to risk a puncture on the track full of stones. On the other hand I did not want to ride in a big pack,” described Jara the race, where he was riding on the front setting the pace together with the renew World Champion Nino Schurter.

“Just in the first round the rear wheel blew off a little, so decided not to jump so much, but I knew that I would be able to get Nino. I did not ride at 100%, I preferred my space rather,” admitted Jarda who was riding alone the last round and a half together with Nino.

“I believed that I could get him. I had chosen two places for the attack, but the first I didn´t manage, but the second one I did,” described Jara the dramatic finish, very similar to that one in London. The winning pushed him to the fourth place in the overall World Cup rating.