The collection is complete! Jaro is the Marathon World Champion


Jaroslav Kulhavý is MTB Marathon World Champion!
Joy of 29 year old biker is much bigger because he has managed to be the first in MTB history who gets both rainbow jerseys, the triumph in the World Cup and the gold medal from the Olympic Games!

“I am very happy! It was one of my biggest goals of this and of the previous years because I was missing this title in my collection. I really wanted to get it and to be the first in the world who has all the titles, which is very difficult nowadays in the time of specialization. So I am very happy to be successful. Month of training has definitely paid off,” said Jaroslav not trying to hide his joy.

At a 95km long track in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa he was riding confidently and he came to the finish with a big lead of more than three minutes before the Austrian Alban Lakata.

“At the very beginning I did not feel well and I thought I would be slow in the up-hill and the front of the race will leave. But luckily, thanks to the technical sections I got the others and then it turned to better. In the important part, where it was necessary to run and the part which I didn´t manage to ride through in the training, I rode to the front and the group started to tear. In the downhill in the middle of the race I definitely left the others behind and I kept the pace. I knew that I would be good and thanks to my technique I would gain because as one of the few I was riding the full suspension bike. But I was careful very much, because I have had enough problems this year and I didn´t want to risk. At the end I was even feared to pedal but it worked! J “said the new World Champion.