The Olympic course in Rio looks like the one in London


Jaroslav checked the course in Brasilian Rio de Janeiro, where he will defend the Olympic Gold medal next year in August. After five days he is returning back home with collected data but with no result as he didn’t finish the test race in Aquece Rio.

“I pretty liked the course. It is very similar to the London’s one, but more challenging. There is one long climb and downhill, with a lot of stones you have to jump over. And there is a fast rolling motorway between them. During several days of training I collected much information, many facts, which we’ll have to analyse. That was the main reason why to come here,” said Jaroslav, who added to the Quarq power meter and Garmin 520 on his bike, and camera Garmin Virb XE, which also records some important data such as track profile, speed or heartbeat. And also the temperature which was more than 35°C.

“Definitely, the worst for me was the hot weather. I didn’t plan to pass the whole race. But I wanted to try the start and the first laps,” added Jara.