The second stage victory and next minutes for good


The second long stage, the second winning and the six and three-quarter lead in the running results. Such was the third day of the South African Absa Cape Epic race in the performance of the Investec-Songo-Specialized team of Christoph Sauser and Jaroslav Kulhavy.

“Today we watched the stage´s beginning, we didn´t want to let anybody to leave. Somewhere in the middle of the biggest climbing we appeared at the front together with the Topeak. There was a little gap behind us, so we decided with Kristian to try it. Today it was often about the single-tracks. We didn´t want to risk and because we rode carefully, the Meridy and the Bulls teams reached us. Which wasn´t very likeable. But then the terrain changed, there were fewer technical down-hills and we started to ride on power. I got on the top and rode 40 kilometres. At the last feed-zone we left the Topeak, because Lakata wanted to drive his own space and then we even increased our lead,” described Jaroslav today´s 92km long windy stage. They won with the lead of 2:18 before the Topeak Ergon team of Kristian Hynek and Alban Lakata.

“I was riding in a perfect mood and I am happy about it. We did a good job and added some interesting time and we will not have to worry about the possible small defects. Of course everything is opened till the very last day, anything can happen. I vividly remember the moment from two years ago when we lost 20 minutes in three days. The lead is nice, motivation is super, but it is far from finishing,” he added.


Results of the 2nd stage:
1. Investec Songo Specialized – Jaroslav Kulhavy/Christoph Sauer time 4:06:50 h.
2. Topeak Ergon – Kristian Hynek/Alban Lakata +2:18 min.
3. Multivan Merida José Antonio Hermida/Rudiv van Houts +5:58 min.

Current standings:
1. Investec Songo Specialized time 9:41:12 h.
2. Bulls +6:44 min.
3. Topeak Ergon +6:56 min