World Cup final race in Méribel: DNF



“I had a bad day today. I felt like I was driving with the handbrake on. I think it will break, but the thing is when…” said sad Jaroslav after he abadoned World Cup final race in Méribel, France. After good start he was sitting around 10th place in first lap, but in second lap he started to suffer and lose significantly, so he decided to give up.

“I didn’t feel very well during the whole week, so I give it a try, but It doesnt make sense for me to continue in the race. Now I have to figure out what happened, if it was because of the altitude at which I’ve never rode well, or was it something else. But today it was extreme blow out. It’s not good for my psyche, but It was worse. It’s still two weeks to the World Championship, so I don’t give up this.” said Jaro.